Fibertec Subsurface Investigations 

Subsurface Data Collection for Your Project

Fibertec has one of the largest fleets of Geoprobes in the Midwestern United States with eight operating units, and has been providing Geoprobe and other drilling services since 1994. Our Geoprobes perform continuous and discrete soil sampling, groundwater sampling and soil vapor sampling.  Samples are collected using direct push and hollow stem auger techniques to drive 5 foot sample tubes or install permanent or temporary 1, 2 or 4 inch diameter wells.

Our rigs are outfitted with hot pressure washers for decontamination and drums to containerize solid or liquid waste. 

Fibertec also provides drum sampling, non-hazardous waste disposal and a variety of other services for our environmental consulting firm clients.

Additional Subsurface Investigation Services:

Remediation Injection Trailer – designed to inject a range of different products into the soil and groundwater.

Air vacuum excavators – (air knives, potholing and daylighting) – These machines use high-pressure air (instead of water) to clear locations of utilities. Air Vaccum Excavating works exceptionally well with excavators and drill rigs to shine daylight on the utilities

Laser Induced Fluorescence –  LIF, a field-portable UVOST system, that allows for the rapid screening of LNAPL and PAH in the subsurface.

Private property utility location – Utilities are located using ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic transmitter and receiver and other tools.

Our Trained Team of Operators Will Get the Job Done

All of our operators and assistants possess current HAZWOPER training, medical monitoring, (including drug screening and breath alcohol testing), commercial driver’s license, Loss Prevention System (LPS) certification, alcohol breath testing, and American Petroleum Institute (API) training for petroleum companies/consultants. Our health and safety program is a behavioral based program designed to train our employees to assess tasks for safety hazards and use their stop work authority when find them, so they can be mitigated.

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